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Marketing Manager

Company: Crosstown Arts
Date Posted: March 26, 2018

The Marketing Manager is responsible for the marketing and advertising efforts for both Crosstown Concourse and all aspects of Crosstown Arts, including exhibitions, performances, shared labs, artist residency program, theater and café/bar. The position offers hands-on involvement in a variety of unique marketing projects and events from concept to execution to reporting.

The position reports directly to the Crosstown Arts Co-Director, who is responsible for administrative operations. The Marketing Manager will work with the Co-Director, Communications Coordinator, Director of Events and external partners to develop and execute communications and marketing strategies, including a diverse array of events throughout the year, and manage related budgets for Crosstown Arts and Crosstown Concourse.

High energy, excellent multi-tasking, great organizational skills, self-motivation and the ability to facilitate projects are a must. The position requires experience in marketing project management, website/content management, and digital media. Preference may be given to candidates with previous experience in and a passion for the arts.


  • Work closely with an external branding and communications agency to develop and implement an advertising strategy and marketing materials (digital, print, broadcast, email, etc.) that creatively represent the uniqueness, quality, and variety of experiences at Crosstown Arts and Concourse

  • Work closely with Program Directors, Director of Events, and Concourse tenants to create a robust schedule of high quality events that both integrates with the overall marketing plan and highlights the uniqueness of the arts, culinary and cultural character of Concourse and the surrounding Crosstown neighborhood. Coordinate with internal and external event staff to ensure events achieve the goals of enriching community experiences and expanding Concourse’s audience to support retail tenants.

  • Manage associated budget for advertising and marketing

  • Work with Crosstown Arts’ video production department and staff photographer to

    produce content from events and programming for websites and marketing


  • Think strategically and intentionally about ways to communicate with, and grow,

    audiences for Crosstown Arts and Concourse events, programming and retail.

  • Assist in maintaining and improving the Crosstown Arts and Concourse website,

    which includes, but is not limited to, content updates, monitoring and tracking.

  • In collaboration with Communications Coordinator, assist in content development

    and syndication across all other digital platforms: social, external email, mobile and

    other new media solutions.

  • In collaboration with Communications Coordinator, help to grow, maintain and

    activate audiences via email marketing and social media outlets including Facebook,

    Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and others.

  • Schedule targeted public tours of Concourse in coordination with businesses, local

    civic and tourism organizations, travel writers, etc. to grow awareness and audience

  • Basic graphic design including occasional posters, invitations, ads, promotional

    collateral, etc.


Bachelor’s Degree required, preferably in marketing, communications, journalism, business, liberal arts or related field

  • 7+ years of successful track record and experience managing marketing projects, budgets and teams (internal and external), and communicating with press

  • Must be familiar with online communities and social media including Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, and others

  • Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite including Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop

  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office

  • Experience with website content management tools and systems helpful

  • Experience with email systems like Patron Mail, Constant Contact or Mail Chimp


    This position requires an ongoing commitment to the following:

  • Even-tempered disposition. Ability to work under pressure in a composed, focused, affable and courteous manner. Ability to work well with the public - often idiosyncratic and distinctive personalities and sensitive situations - with a composed and supportive attitude, and to exhibit a positive and gracious demeanor.

  • Enthusiastic, energetic and positive. Ability to sustain an ongoing spirit of positivity in high-pressure and demanding situations. Great level of passion, innovation and enthusiasm for


    programs and promotional campaigns

  • Adaptable and flexible. Ability and willingness to accommodate ongoing

    modifications to all tasks and projects, including regular interruptions to workflow

    and changing of plans.

  • Prompt and timely communicator. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Collaborative. Ability to collaborate, give feedback and manage a high volume of

    correspondence in all forms of communication with Crosstown Arts’ staff, partners

    and audiences.

  • Strategic and Organized. Ability to prioritize, manage a high volume of information

    and tasks and keep multiple projects on track simultaneously, at varying levels of


  • Accommodating. Ability to seek out supportive solutions to accommodate guests in

    all Crosstown Arts’ spaces, including artists, musicians, event organizers and

    general public to realize the full potential of their creative vision, whenever possible

  • Receptive. Ability to accept and execute a wide range of tasks necessary to

    complete projects, including simple/basic tasks as well as highly detailed directives,

    regardless of scale

  • Detail oriented. Ability to sustain close attention to an ongoing set of constantly

    emerging details unique to each situation, ranging from visual/space needs to

    interpersonal requests from other staff and event participants

  • Assertive, determined and focused. Ability to stay on task, working under pressure

    within given deadlines to problem-solve and proactively find solutions to obstacles in resourceful ways, seeing all projects through to completion

engaging others and creating new vehicles and methods to

communicate ideas to the world about Concourse and Crosstown Arts’

Care for user experience. Ability to find incentive and motivation in a satisfactory end-user experience for all partners, guests and event participants.


This is a salaried, full-time position eligible for all Crosstown Artsbenefits (including health insurance, PTO, Church Health YMCA membership, etc.). Salary will be competitive and commensurate with level of experience and skill.


Please send a cover letter, resume and three (3) references to: