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Executive Director

Company: Bloom
Date Posted: January 23, 2018

Bloom, a start-up non-profit, is seeking an Executive Director who is passionate about impacting Memphis neighborhood vitality city-wide. This is a unique opportunity for a great communicator and strategic thinker to launch and build an organization that generates city-wide reinvestment in our municipal park system.


Bloom’s core mission is to empower people in every neighborhood to create and maintain great parks and public spaces. We envision our neighborhood parks filled with people and families enjoying themselves in a safe and inspiring environment. Our organizational strategy is to build the capacity and leadership of park Friends groups who are committed to equitable park access and enhancing park experiences for all. An active Friends group is defined as one formally established (with by-laws) that co- leads with the Division of Parks & Neighborhood (DPN) on the design, funding, stewardship, and programming campaigns in their neighborhood park. The organization champions parks as an essential city infrastructure that impacts health, happiness and quality of life. The organization stands by the following statements:

  • Everyone, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, language, culture or zip code, should have equitable access to the beauty and benefits of parks.
  • Since the Memphis park system contains cultural, historic and environmental treasures that shelter and celebrate neighborhood identities, neighborhood residents should be included in decision making about their parks.
  • Memphians deserve a park system that is culturally relevant, efficiently and effectively run, and adequately funded through public investment and community partnerships.
  • The Memphis park system needs enthusiastic and engaged park Friends groups to work in concert with Division of Parks & Neighborhoods in support of municipal parks.


You are entrepreneurial and know how to turn ideas into creative investment strategies.

You are adept at designing innovative ways to engage diverse communities, organize people to achieve goals, build networks and marshal needed resources to sustain a thriving Memphis parks system.

You are a constructive negotiator, able to identify active stakeholders, and engage the community with the Division of Parks & Neighborhoods in support of park improvements.

You have strong communications and public speaking skills; leadership and community organizing experience; and are as comfortable in neighborhood meetings as you are in boardrooms and city hall.

You are responsible for identifying and developing new partnership opportunities, while also maintaining regular communication with the Division of Parks & Neighborhoods staff, existing partners, and park Friends groups.

As the primary spokesperson for the organization, you can speak knowledgably about evidence-based research that proves the positive impact great parks have on neighborhoods.

As a visible advocate for parks, you have cordial relationships with the press, and manage an effective, on-going social media strategy.


You are responsible for building an organizational culture of innovation, inclusivity and collaborative practices in the following areas.

Working with Friends Groups

• Catalyze the formation of active park Friends groups throughout Memphis.

•Work with neighborhood leaders to identify potential park Friends stewards.

• Initiate and advise residents on organizing park Friends groups, and how to coordinate and execute collaborative park improvements with DPN.

• Facilitate park advocacy community dialogues between park Friends groups, private entities and public agencies resulting in strategic partnerships.

• Develop/update messaging and distribution channels to reach those neighborhoods both with, and without, park Friends groups.

Working with the Public

• Initiate and train park Friends in data collection and evaluation of projects, including before and after neighborhood surveys, tracking park activities, attendance and demographics ,as well as in-kind and financial partnerships.

• Oversee organizational response to city issues that impact park equity.

• Ensure ongoing and meaningful communications with the Board, key funders, and DPN.

Working with the Board of Directors

• Cultivate a deep and productive relationship with the Board of Directors.

• Effectively design a multi-pronged fundraising strategy to ensure the long-term financial health of the organization.

• Work collaboratively with the Board on strategic planning for the organization’s staffing, financial solvency, fiscal agency, programming evaluation, marketing, and gauging public reaction to park improvements and policy.

Working with the Division of Parks & Neighborhoods

• Support DPN staff in identifying and prioritizing equitable park improvements and funding opportunities.

• Act as a liaison between DPN and park Friends groups.


• Responsible for managing day-to-day operations of the organization.

• Recruit, hire and supervise a program associate.

• Develop an ongoing plan for recruiting and retaining staff.


• A clear record of getting things done is critical.

• At least five years of advanced-level managerial experience is critical

• Ability to develop, communicate, and implement a vision is critical.

• Experience in meeting and ideation facilitation is critical.

• High level strategic and advocacy skills are critical.

• Track record with Memphis neighborhood leaders, civic organizations, and city policy is very strongly preferred.

• Robust fundraising and public engagement campaign experience is very strongly preferred.

• Experience in governmental relationships, public-private partnerships is important.

• Experience working directly for a Board is important.

• Some familiarity with park planning & design; park operations; development; and public programming is helpful.

If you know you are the person for this job, please send your resume and cover letter in pdf format to